What is an art mobile?

Mobiles by Julie Frith
Frithmobiles: Mobiles by Julie Frith

Mobile (art), in art, type of sculpture characterized by the ability to move when propelled by air currents, by touch, or by a small motor at any one time. The most striking feature of the mobile is that, unlike traditional sculpture, it achieves its artistic effect through movement; it is the most familiar form of kinetic art, which requires movement of some kind. A typical mobile consists of a group of shapes, frequently abstract, that are connected by wires, string, metal rods, or the like. Although mobiles are usually suspended, some are designed to stand on a platform or floor. The first experimental mobiles were the work of the French artist Marcel Duchamp in the 1920s.The form, however, was developed to its finest expression so far by the American sculptor Alexander Calder, beginning in the 1930s. written by Marco Mahler